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Public Hearing to adopt the FYE 2022 budget.

City Council Meeting: 3/25/2021
Prepared: 3/24/2021
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Motion to receive and file proof of publication of notice of public hearing.

HOLD HEARING - No comments on file.

Motion to close hearing and receive and file comments.

Resolution approving the FYE 2022 budget with a total tax levy rate of $18.63188 and property tax askings in the amount of $44,640,549.

Submitted by:
Submitted By: Michelle Weidner, Chief Financial Officer
Summary Statement:
The annual budget is required to be adopted and certified with Black Hawk County and the State of Iowa by March 31, 2021.

According to the State Department of Management, if the budget isn’t certified by March 31, 2021, the state would set the city’s property taxes at the same amount of property tax dollars as were certified for the current year ($42,422,199 plus utility excise taxes of $1,445,550). There would likely be an audit finding regarding noncompliance with state law regarding budget deadlines also.